Tps 51125 datasheet and explanation

This is a used main regulator in Laptop. This guide will help you identify if this ic needs replacement.Tps51125 should have the following voltage reading for normal operation:

  • Ensure you getting  19v    in vin.
  • Check if EN0 is present.
  • If EN0 is present,then you must have normal voltages like vref, vreg, entrip1and entrip2 which must be within normal working range.
  • Power Good should have 3.3v. Sometimes PGOOD signal comes after pressing power button.


PGOOD signal is an indicator that the circuit is operating normally.  The absence of 3.3v provides a clear confirmation that there is a problem with this circuit that you need to focus on.  Sometimes, the power button must be pressed before the PGOOD signal becomes present.


EN0 is responsible for turning on VREF, VREG3 and VREG5.  If these signals are not present, check EN0 if voltage is normal

(see the reference image). Replace Tps51125 base on the following conditions:

Supply voltage at VIN is present

Voltageat EN0 pin is normal

Resistance of VREF, VREG3, and VREG5 pins with respect to ground is in the range of kilo ohms or higher

Any of the output voltage on VREF, VREG3 and VREG5 pin is missing.


Normal voltage for these control signal will turn on the 2-channel output for 3.3V and 5V (V01 and V02). Replace this chip if ENTRIPx has normal voltages but VOx is missing.  Make sure that the load resistance is normal.


if any of the load circuit that is connected to VOx is shorted, the TPS51125 will force DRVLx to have 5V to protect the load from over current.  if this is the case, check the load for short, as well as the high-side and low-side MOSFET for leaks.


In summary, the absence of output voltage at VOx may be caused by missing ENTRIPx signals.  If ENTRIPx signals are present but there is no VOx, then the TPS51125 may need a replacement.

If PGOOD signal is normal but any of the VOx is missing, then you may replace tps51125.

The absence of PGOOD signal might also indicates a problem with the external circuits feeding input signals (EN0, ENTRIPx) for this chip, or this chip is busted, or any of the load circuit is faulty, including the low-side and high-side MOSFET it drives.

Whatever the case, It is a good practice to perform voltage and resistance measurements to isolate and confirm the problem.

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