Hp caps lock blinking error codes

These faults can be detected  by counting the number of beeps or blinks at different areas of the laptop like battery power LED, Caps lock, Num lock or Ac power adapter LED. All you have to do is to count the number of beeps and detect the fault.

If you find continuous blinking at the battery power LED then there will be the fault in battery. The reason of fault is the AC adapter is attached and the battery is charging, but does not yet have sufficient charge to power the notebook.

One beep or blink at the Caps or Num lock indicates the fault in CPU. The reason for this can be is that CPU is not functioning.

Two beeps or blinks at the Caps or Num lock tells that the there is the fault of BIOS. This can be due to of BIOS corruption.

Three beeps or blinks at the Caps or Num lock shows the fault in memory. The reason for this fault is that module error is not functional.

Four beeps or blinks at the same Caps or Num lock signifies the fault in graphics. This can be caused by non functioning of graphic controller.

Five beeps at Caps or Num lock indicate the fault in the system board. The failure of the general system board cause this.

Six blinks or beeps at Caps or Num lock tells the fault in BIOS due to the BIOS authentication failure.

If you are encountering with continuous beeps or blinking in Ac power adapter LED than there will be fault in the power adapter. This can be due to the insufficient power supply.

When caps lock and num lock blinks simultaneously, means Pch chip is faulty.

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